Vital Statistics, 5/14/1920.


Robert K. Fuller to Helen P. Naone, Apr. 29.
B. L. Boyce to Daisy K. Kekuewa, May 3.
Charles K. Thompson to H. Ignacious, May 5.
Phillip S. Lachance to Rebecca K. Silva, May 6.
William Stephenson to Lucy M. K. Chan See, May 8.
Sunny K. Kalawa to Elizabeth Kahalekauwila, May 11.


To Louis Gomez and Mary Nuuhiwa, a son, Apr. 17.
To Joseph M. K. Kamakau and Mary K. Lum, a daughter, May 1.
To Thomas K. Hore and Philomena Gaspar, a daughter, May 2.
To Henry A. Chong and Sarah H. Len, A daughter, May 2.
To Ume Matzu [Umi Matsu] and Kolokea Holi, a daughter, May 2.
To Stephen Apiki and Sarah Kaapa, a daughter, May 2.
To George Kanoa and Lily Poha, a [??????], [??????]
To William Hanai and Rose Kahue, a daugther, May 3.
To Daniel Crowder and Rachel Kekai, a daughter, May 7.
To Mr. and Mrs. David Lukela Jr., a daughter, May 1.


Isaac A. Testa, at Queen’s Hospital, May 1.
Thomas N. Kapela, at Queen’s Hospital, May 4.
Keahi Iopa, on Dowsett Street, May 5.
Kalauhala Keawuanui, on Coral Street, May 5.
F. W. Bush, at the Children’s Hospital, May 6.
Violet Liwai, at Queen’s Hospital, May 6.
Alexander Craig Jr., on North Queen Street, May 6.
Mrs. Dinah Kelson, at Leahi Home, May 8.
Mrs. Rose Shaw, on Ilaniwai Street, May 8.
Kalili Lima, on Kama Street, May 10.
Elae Richards, on Middle Street, May 10.
Violet Kamakahukilani, on Pauoa Street, May 11.

(Kuokoa, 5/14/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 19, Aoao 4. May 14, 1920.

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