Vital Statistics, 5/21/1920.


Alexander Craig to Dora Chee Chong, May 10.
Sunny K. Kalawa to Elizabeth Kahalekauwila, May 11.
John M. Antone, Jr., to Mattie K. Neumann, May 11.
John Kalanipii to Ida Ikaoka, May 15.


To David Trask and Annie Travins, a daughter, May 2.
To Ernest M. Keaunui and Lily A. Kapahi, a son, May 4.
To Edward Chang and Laura K. Naukana, a son, May 7.
To J. Wong and Hattie Ah Bo, a daughter, May 10.
To William Butler and Nell Arcia, a daughter, May 11.
To Matthew J. Ryan and Hattie Hookano, a daughter, May 12.
To James K. Kula and Elizabeth Kikoo, a son, May 14.
To Lawrence H. Tulloch and Alice T. Stephenson, a son, May 14.
To William Maile and Lily Ume, a daughter, May 16.


Mrs. Sophie P. Kahaleaahu, on Dowsett Street, May 13.
Cecilia Leihulu, at Leahi Home, May 13.
Josephine N. Kaupe, on Kalihi Street, May 14.
Victoria Williams, on Mokauea Street, May 15.
George Huli, at Leahi Home, May 15.
Maria K. Schutte, on Colburn Street, May 16.
Mrs. Malie Aukai, at Leahi Home, May 16.
Herbert Kalawela Marcallino, on Leilani Street, May 17.
Morman K. Papoko, on South School Street, May 17.

(Kuokoa, 5/21/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 20, Aoao 4. Mei 21, 1920.

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