Vital Statistics, 6/11/1920.


James W. Walker to Lizzie Turner, May 29.
John Atkins to Elsie Deering, May 29.
Lew Chong to Matilda Thompson, June 1.
Lee Pong Hak to Cecilia Parmenter, June 1.
Herman Kamoku to Lydia Kekoowai, June 2.
Richard Swan to Adeline Sheldon Kaniakea, June 2.
James N. Mattson to Inez S. Rosehill, June 3.
James A. Sanders to Helen Kea, June 4.
James S. Chong to Rachel Hiapo, June 5.


To John H. Atkins and Elsie Deering, a son, May 4.
To Frank Scharsch and Kini Akana, a daughter, May 22.
To G. A. Iong and Emma Aona, a daughter, May 26.
To Achee Y. Chang and Mary Lilikalani, a son, May 30.
To John Kukahiko and Hannah Lake, a son, May 31.
To William S. Rice and Elizabeth Guerrero, a son, June 1.
To Charles Brede and Julia Kealoha, a son, June 2.
To Louis Vera Cruz and Elizabeth Haili, a son, May 6.
To G. Cameron and Emma Aki, a son, June 6.


William Markle, on Ala Moana Street, May 31.
Samuel Kaaekuahiwi, on Kamehameha IV Street, May 6.
James J. Fern, at Leahi Home, June 2.
A baby of Charles Brede, at Moanalua, June 3.
Luka Kalawaianui, on Beretania Street, June 3.
Hoopii Kuna, at Lunalilo Home, June 3.
Sam Kapule, on Hustace Street, June 3.
K. Piilani, at Kapalama Hospital, June 3.
Mary Kailiula, on Prospect Street, June 3.
Rose Haili Mahiai, on Pua Street, June 4.
Leialoha Kamaile, on Ward Street, June 4.
Helen Naone, at Leahi Home, June 5.
S. B. Nakea, on Asylum Road, June 5.
Mary Aea Kapule, on Frog Street,  June 6.
Victor Akana, at Leahi Home, June 6.

(Kuokoa, 6/11/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 23, Aoao 4. Iune 11, 1920.

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