Vital Statistics, 6/18/1920.


James L. Achong to Rachel Hiapo, June 5.
J. H. Kamaunu Jr. to Bella Kaawa, June 5.
Joseph C. Maka to Alice Konia, June 10.
H. R. Danner Jr. to Mrs. Rose McKins, June 10.
Joseph Palama to Aima Vasilio, June 11.
Hugh D. Porter to M. K. Aea, June 12.
Harry Suehiro to Pauline K. Kamana, June 12.
Antone J. Rodrigues to Maili P. Stone, June 14.


To John Kukahiko and Hannah Lake, a son, May 31.
To Noeau Kahele and Angeline Naki, a daughter, May 22.
To P. Kawelo and Esther Kane, a son, June 2.
To William C. Bottfield and Amy Mahikoa, a daughter, May 6.
To William Wright and L. Akana, a son, May 8.
To Albert B. J. Ng and Ella Heana, a son, June 8.
To J. A. L. Akana and Victoria Pualokalani, a daughter, June 9.
To Harry K. Bailey and Rose Rutro, a son, June 10.
To W. C. Hughes and Lily C. Bungo, a son, June 10.
To Frank Akau and Mary Lincoln, a daugther, June 11.
To Pedro Albinio and Lily Lewis, a son, June 12.


Victor Akana, at Leahi Home, June 6.
Maraea H. Harbottle, on Auld Street, June 8.
A baby of Al B. J. Ng, on King Street, June 9.
Mrs. Mikepa Spencer, on Cartwright Street, June 9.
W. C. Sam, at the Children’s Hospital, June 9.
Elizabeth Wong, on School Street, June 11.
John Kalei, on Beretania Street, June 11.
J. N. Makaloa, on Austin Street, June 10.

(Kuokoa, 6/18/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 24, Aoao 4. Iune 18, 1920.

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