Looking back at things that don’t change, 1904.


Candidate Cecil Brown The Victim of a Scamp.

Circular letters were sent broadcast through the mail yesterday, attacking in a scurrillous way the candidacy of Cecil Brown for the Senate. All three of the men whose names appear on the letter have made affidavit that they had nothing to do with it and knew nothing about it. An effort is being made by Mr. Ryan and the Good Government Club to run down the author of the circular. It is understood that Detective Hatter will be put on the case.

The circular starts out by saying that the signers are in favor of more liberal liquor laws, and ironically suggests that Mr. Brown is their man. It goes on to say that he (Brown) favored the opium bill of 1892 and tried to get $200,000 for C. W. Booth’s water rights. The names of P. F. Ryan, William Cunningham and Frank Turk are affixed to the letter.

[I recall receiving this kind of thing in the mail earlier this year.]

(Independent, 11/7/1904, p. 3)


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