Vital Statistics, 8/27/1920.


Manuel Santos to Mary Smith, Aug. 16.
William K. Merseberg to Sarah P. Campbell, Aug. 18.
Tonis Huach to Annie Daniels, Aug. 20.
Mahealani A. Rosa to Mrs. Helen Cummins, Aug. 20.
Adam Kealakai, Jr., to Mary Kaukala, Aug. 20.
John Antone to Annie Kuioh, Aug. 23.


To S. K. Toomey and Annie Kaululaau, a son, July 8.
To Morris H. Todd and Esther Akana, a son, Aug. 17.
To John L. King and Annie K. Bell, a daughter, Aug. 19.
To S. A. Kanoho and Lovely M Alapa, a son, Aug. 19.
To Kapeliela Kaanaana and Mary Akau, a son, Aug. 20.
To Sam N. Kaeo and Rose Kimona, a son, Aug. 21.
To L. L. Grammer and Mary Kaleikini, a son, Aug. 21.
To Emil Legros and Eliza Williams, a son, Aug. 22.
To Alfred Silva and Dolly A. Silva, a son, Aug. 23.
To Joe Block and Elena Akina, a son, Aug. 23.


David Kakalia, on the corner of Kalihi and Hart Streets, Aug. 17.
Joseph Pili Jr., on Corkscrew Lane, Aug. 18.
Henry Kaunu, on Waiakamilo Street, Aug. 17.
Sam Hookano, on Luso Street, Aug. 18.
Rosalie H. Holt, on Kamehameha IV Road, Aug. 18.
John L. King, on Gulick Street, Aug. 19.
Mary Hoopii, on Hustace Street, Aug. 22.

(Kuokoa, 8/27/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 35, Aoao 4. Augate 27, 1920.

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