Vital Statistics, 10/15/1920.


James K. Pua to Kahaunani V. Atkins, Oct. 2.
John Lobo to Mary S. Kaluhi, Oct. 2.
Stanlay Fi Martin [Stanley F. Martin] to Iwa K. Maele, Oct. 3.
John Akuna to Mary Kahoopii, Oct. 4.
James F. Mundon, to Annie K. O. Hayden, Oct. 5.
Alfred K. Perry to K. K. McGuire, Oct. 7.
Richard K. Kalana to Annie K. Ben, Oct. 9.
William D. Holt to Mary M. Norton, Oct. 9.


To William A. Benham and Roy Wilkins [Rae Wilkins], a son, Oct. 4.
To Joseph White and Rose Lia, a daughter, Oct. 7.
To Chock Wai and Helen Kaaihou, a daughter, Oct. 8.
To Joseph Monte and Mary Silva, a daughter, Oct. 8.
To Harry N. Harris and Louisa Cathcart, a daughter, Oct. 9.
To Peter F. Akima and Eva Elama, a son, Oct. 9.
To H. F. Hatori and C. Ah Moy Akiu, a daughter, Oct. 10.
To C. K. Holt and Frances Hewett, a son, Oct. 10.


Benjamin Kahoa, at Queen’s Hospital, Oct. 3.
A baby of Daniel K. Pa, at Honolulu, Oct. 4.
John Kahea, at the Asylum, Oct. 5.
William Leialoha Nua, on Queen Street, Oct. 6.
Henry Keae, at Queen’s Hospital, Oct. 7.
Joseph Hosea, on Prospect Street, Oct. 7.
A baby of Maryan Miguel, on Jack Lane, Oct. 11.
Mrs. Lot K. Kapahua, at Queen’s Hospital, Oct. 13.
Mrs. Katherine Cockett, on Alapai Street, Oct. 12.

(Kuokoa, 10/15/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 42, Aoao 4. Okatoba 15, 1920.

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