Vital Statistics, 10/22/1920.


Edward K. Bush to Mary Chang, Oct. 9.
Richard K. Kalama to Annie K. Benjamin, Oct. 9.
William D. Holt to Mary N. Norton, Oct. 9.
D. M. Keama to Mrs. Elbertina Cockett, Oct. 11.
J. N. Uahinui to Kekumano Keola, Oct. 11.
George K. Dunn to G. A. Bailey, Oct. 14.
Thomas Kanahele to Mrs. Annie K. Smith, Oct. 16.
James M. Kahaloa to Mrs. Malie Kamalu, Oct. 19.


To Albert Ontai and Eliza Duncan, a son, Oct. 10.
To Henry T. Hatori and Ahmoy Akim, a daughter, Oct. 10.
To C. K. Holt and Frances Hewett, a son, Oct. 10.
To Richard Swan and A. K. Sheldon, a daughter, Oct. 10.
To Mr. and Mrs. William M. Ahia, a daughter, Oct. 10.
To Hans K. Martensen and Rose Thomas, a son, Oct. 12.
To Boniface Kalaluhi and Lena Silva, a daughter, Oct. 14.
To W. C. Akina and Margaret Kaaikaula, a son, Oct. 15.
To M. Vierra and Alice Kamealani, a daughter, Oct. 14.
To G. T. Potter and Emilia Saffrey, a daughter, Oct. 17.


Mrs. Amoy V. Espinda, on Liliha Street, Oct. 10.
Nagran Fernandez, at Queen’s Hospital, Oct. 11.
Katherine Cockett, on Alapai Street, Oct. 12.
Mrs. Lot Kapahua, at Queen’s Hospital, Oct. 13.
Josephine Kalahui, on Ilaniwai Street, Oct. 14.
Reynold Kalaluhi, on Ilaniwai Street, Oct. 16.
Mary Kalama, at Kamoiliili, Oct. 17.

(Kuokoa, 10/22/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 43, Aoao 4. Okatoba 22, 1920.

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