Death of Helena Haumea, 1920.



Mr. Sol. Hanohanno, Aloha oe:–Please may I ask for your patience for my painful bundle above, and insert it in an open space of our pride, the speedy messenger that goes about the islands, so that the intimates and friends of my dear loving lei, Helena Haumea, will know.

Aloha for my dear lei that has gone afar, travelling on the path of no return; from me, her father, and the family.

My dear lei Helena Haumea was born of Kaenemi (f) her mama, and me, her papa, Edward Paialua, at Hoopuloa, South Kona, Hawaii, in the month of July, 28th, 1895, and she breathed in the air of this life for 24 years and 7 months.

[A line here seems to have been left out….] and death took away 1 daughter and two sons, and I was left with one son and two daughters, and I thought these children were sufficient for my current days; and I did my best to find some way to save my dear lei, and she was ill for a long time, and the illness started when she was at Makanani St., while she was living there with her husband Holomona Haumea [Solomona Haumea], and a doctor was called with the thought that she would be saved, but because she continued to be sick, I fetched my dear lei and brought her home to Waiakamilo, and I continued with the doctors, to find a way to save my dear lei, but it was the same.

So I decided to take my dear lei to Queen’s Hospital, and the doctors greatly exerted themselves for me, but it was not possible; she was in the hospital from Nov. 20, and on Nov. 30, she left me, her papa who is without his lei.

She was in the hospital for eleven days until she left me, her father. Aloha for  my dear lei who has gone afar, and I have left two children, on woman, and one man.

My daughter has married a man, and so too my dear son, he has married his wife, and my dear daughter Helena with Holomona Haumea in the pure covenant of marriage, at Loma, January 5, 1916, at Honolulu, and he and my dear lei lived happily together for four years and 11 months, and the words of the Great Book came to pass, Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble.

I give my thanks to everyone who joined me in my days of sadness and grief, at the house of the county, at Honolulu, Oahu, and I also  give my thanks to her punalua, Mrs. Kini, for her floral gifts decorated upon my dear loving lei, Helena Haumea.

I conclude here with my unending love for my dear daughter who has gone afar, blessed by the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen.

To the typesetting boys go my great aloha, and the Editor of the Kuokoa.

Me, her papa,
628 Waiakamilo Street.

(Kuokoa, 12/10/1920, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 50, Aoao 4. Dekemaba 10, 1920.


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