A few days after December 7, 1941.

For the Good of Hawaiians


The military stated that it is necessary to ration food supply and some other items, and so too with medicines, gasoline, oil, and some other things, like food for animals.

So that we Hawaiians who are not proficient in reading English will understand, the Head of the defense department of Hawaii announced that right after an inventory of the essential foods are made, each person will receive a food supply no less than 35 cents per day. Therefore, if there are three in a family, they will receive food valued at about $1.05 per day.

So too, you should try to walk to work, and if it is very far, you should try to go in a packed car, which is something that will lessen the use of gas. Don’t get excited. Be calm. The Military is trying everything to keep you safe.


GREEDY people and merchants that do not heed the law that was established, they will be severely punished. Therefore, do not be greedy and turn a deaf ear to these calls, lest you be punished.

Meet with Robert Moir of the Hilo Chamber of Commerce [Keena o na Oihana Kalepa o Hilo] for matters pertaining to gasoline and oil.

Mr. Kellner of the American Factors Company is the head of the food section, and in that same office is Mr. Moir.

O my dear Hawaiian Lahui, be patient, be dignified, and don’t be alarmed, and appeal to HIM, and He will be our immediate relief in our times of trouble.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/10/1941, p. 1)

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXVI, Number 33, Aoao 1. Dekemaba 10, 1941.

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