Plea for explanations of Hawaiian terms, 1899.


Under this heading [Huaolelo Hawaii], desired are native words of all sorts, and also the descriptions of those words, but send them to the Office of “Ka Loea Kalaiaina” in Honolulu. Being that amongst the Learned Nations of this world, cared for by them are numerous Books explaining their Language [Olelo Kumu], and Thus this effort is asking of the intimates and friends living all over the Archipelago,


Give help, friends, so that we can define the meaningful words in the Genealogical Chants [Mele Ko’ihonua] and the Kunikuni and Mele Huli Kukai Moku, etc.

Edward C. Seymour,
Corner of Liliha & King

(Loea Kalaiaina, 9/9/1899, p. 4)

Ka Loea Kalaiaina, Buke III, Helu 35, Aoao 4. Sepatemaba 9, 1899.

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