Does anyone have more information on this photographer? 1866.


New Pictures.—With the return of J. Valentine, the haole photographer who sailed to Kauai some months ago, he has printed some of his pictures which he showed as lantern slides [kana mau kii i hoolele aku ai]. Among those cheerful items to see is the image of Waialua Waterfall; the upper area and lower area of the Waialua Waterfall is recorded. If those who hiked the Waterfall see the picture, they are sure to recall the ledges and the depressions during the climb to reach there. There are other images as well in his collection from that island.

[It is interesting that I can find no mention of a photographer in Hawaii named Valentine in the English newspapers.]

(Kuokoa, 8/11/1866, p. 2)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke V, Helu 32, Aoao 2. Augate 11, 1866.

10 thoughts on “Does anyone have more information on this photographer? 1866.

  1. Yes, courtesy Wikipedia. John Valentine (1841-1867) was a pioneer Hawaii photographer. He is only mentioned briefly in the Wiki article, which is about his father, James Valentine (1815-1879), who was a Scottish photographer known for picture postcards.

    His son died at 26, and I wonder if he died accidentally in Hawaii. We may be able to get some information from a book which is a biography of his father (cited in the Wiki article).

    Here’s the link:

    I will be doing more research this evening! I am subscribed to your list by e-mail.


  2. There is also an article about the Valentine photographers in the Review of Scottish Culture, Vol. 4 (1988), pp. 75-87. The article is by Robert Smart, entitled, ” ‘Famous Throughout the World’: Valentine and Sons, Ltd., Dundee”. I have been unable to retrieve this article so far, but it is available in a number of university libraries in several countries.

    This citation comes from the bibliography of ‘Pioneer Photographers of the Far West: A Biographical Dictionary, 1840-1865’ I forgot to note the exact page in the bibliography where this article is cited!


  3. For some context, I have been doing further research on John Valentine’s father. James Valentine founded a company in Dundee, Scotland which started out printing stationery. Later by the early 1860s, photography was introduced and the company became famous for pictorial travel views.
    Son John was in Hawaii at this point, and his tragic death occurred when the Valentine company in Scotland was booming.
    By the 20th century John’s brothers had taken over the business and they were famous for greeting cards. The company was finally sold to Hallmark in the 1980s.
    Here’s a fascinating article with some amazing photographs. I would like to see the photographs made by John in Kauai’s museum!


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