Death of Anna Maria Dimond, 1893.

Death of Kaimana Wahine.

In the evening of this past Monday, at the hour of 7:30, Mrs. Anna Maria Dimond let go of her breath, the aged companion of this life of Mr. Henry Dimond, at the age of 85.

She was born in the city of New York on the 19th of May, 1808. She married Henry Dimond on November 3, 1834, and landed in Honolulu in June [6,] 1835, along with Titus Coan [Koana] and Edwin Oscar Hall [Holo] folks. With the death of E. O. Hall, the Dimonds were the only ones left from those who came on the same journey here.

She was a very religious woman, and strove at a number of missionary works; she was an educated woman and one with aloha.

The two have four surviving children, they being General W. H. Dimond [William Henry Dimond] in San Francisco;  the wife [Ann Maria Dimond] of Dr. Hugo Stangenwald [kauka Minuteole], the wife [Julia Hawkins Dimond] of Henry Waterhouse and Edwin Hall Dimond [Ailuene H. Dimond] living with the parents. They had three grandchildren, daughters of kauka Kini [John Russelle Kinney]. The young wife of Mr. Toma Hopena is one of them.

She was striken by illness four weeks ago. This was because of her extreme age. Most of the old missionaries are gone to the other side. Today at 4 o’clock, her funeral will be held at the house of Mr. Henry Waterhouse.

(Nupepa Puka La Kuokoa, 11/21/1893, p. 2)

Nupepa Puka La Kuokoa, Buke I, Helu 172, Aoao 2. Novemaba 21, 1893.


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