Ka La Hoihoi Ea, 1844.

The Royal Anniversary Feast. The feast was on the 31st of July; this was the day that the nation was restored in the year 1843. It will not be over in a single day, as per what is heard. The king’s new pili-thatched house [Haleuluhe] was built in Beritania, upland of Honolulu; it was the old church that was demolished, and it was newly built there. Maybe 800 [elua lau] people would not fill it.

On the first day of the feast, the “Puali Inuwai,” adults meet at Kawaiahao Church, and on the second day of the feast, the Puali Inuwai children get together and will go through Honolulu with flags and signs with alii walking with them.

And one more thing; do not imagine that these days of the feast were unlawful days. like the 10 days1 prior to when the government was returned: when there were rioting, debauchery, intoxication, and other depravity. If that happens, the nation will be suffer greatly. And the wrath of God will be upon those who act in that fashion and their crimes will be punished by the law. Feast with reflection, with joy, and with thankfulness for the one who cares for the nation: do not be ignorant.

1This is probably referring to the ten days after the restoration (7/31/1843) when all government offices were closed so that all could celebrate, per the Act of Grace by Kamehameha III.

(Nonanona, 7/23/1844, p. 41)

Ka Nonanona, Buke 4, Pepa 7, Aoao 41. Iulai 23, 1844.


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