Ka Luahine Pele, 1942.

The Old Woman Returned

But She Is Gone Once More

Because the land has entered in the war, local news cannot be published in the newspapers without being permitted by the war department. One of these local news stories is the return of the Old Woman Pele to Hawaii nei, but not to her regular home at Halemaumau, but at Mokuaweoweo.

On the morning of Sunday, April 27, lava once again burst forth atop Mokuaweoweo and it was not known until that evening. It was known by the red glow, and it became something that was greatly visited, and the soldiers were happy to see it once more, it was also something they did not see before. This sight was not broadcasted over the radio, and it was kept quiet until the following Wednesday, May 13.

When it overflowed, it flowed toward here in Hilo. Not a bit was heard of this until many days had gone by. It was heard that it came close to Kaumana. But it did not become something that the multitudes of Hilo and Puna became alarmed about. Its flow was calm, it did not move violently, yet the plants before it became nothing. It was thought that it would flow all the way to Hilo and perhaps damage the water source. Planes flew and bombed to cause it to branch off on a different path. Its flow turned toward the east, and last Wednesday it was extinguished, and that old woman disappeared for places we do not know.

Because of the extinguishing of this fire, it was allowed to be made known to the public. This was like a story in a book like, “She appeared and disappeared.” Or perhaps like this, “She appeared without anyone knowing, and she was gone again, without anyone’s knowledge.”

That is the story pertaining to the Old Woman of the Crater.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 5/20/1942, p. 1)

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Vol. XXXVII, No. 4, Aoao 1. Mei 20, 1942.

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