Hauoli Karisimaka a me ka Olioli Hape Nuia, 1894.


The makaainana of the District of Koloa express their aloha and their deep appreciation for the two of you, O Fearless leaders of the Lahui; for your killing off the honor mischievously bestowed upon you by the enemies of the monarch, those who have aloha for their lahui, and those who are patriotic.

You both show the whole world your great efforts to fend off and oppose the unjust actions that obstruct and outright seize the true rights of the throne and the peaceful existence and happiness of the lahui under her protection.

And as with its very first coming, the heavens will care for you and they will save you from the difficulties caused by the enemies of Lahaina.*

All of us extend to you two a Joyful Christmas and a Joyous Happy New Year.

A. K. Mika,
Koloa, Kauai, Dec. 22, ’94.

(Oiaio, 12/28/1894, p. 3)

*Ka malu ulu o Lele,” meaning “The breadfruit shelter of Lele,” is an epithet for the Lahaina district.

Nupepa Ka Oiaio, Buke VI, Helu 52, Aoao 3. Dekemaba 28, 1894.

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