Death of Annie Kaikioewa, 1909.


Annie Kaikioewa Palekaluhi, the wife of His Excellency Captain A. C. Simerson (Elena) of this town, died this past Saturday, at 11 a.m. in the morning, August 7, 1909, at their home in Palama.

Annie Kaikioewa was born at Maunaihi, Koloa, Kauai, on the 30th of December, 1855; and she was fifty-four when she died.

Annie Kaikioewa lived with the Monarchs Kalakaua and Kapiolani; she was familiar with the sacred visages of the alii, the alii family, the native born alii and the makaainana.

Annie Kaikioewa was counted amongst the high ranked chiefs born of the land, and her blood ran in the blood of the royal descendants of Kamehameha who have died, while some are still alive.

Her father was Keoki Wakinekona Lilikalani (George Washington Lilikalani, aka G. W. Lilikalani), one of the Princes of Kau, an uncle [?] of the alii Kauhane Kapuaakuni, who died earlier.

Lilikalani was well educated at Lahainaluna Seminary, and he graduated with approval of the teachers of the College in 1849.

Keoki Wakinekona Lilikalani married Hana Ululani Kamakainaina o Kapiolani Nui, of Kaawaloa and they had Annie Kaikioewa Lilikalani Simerson, the chiefess who just died.

The Hana Ululani spoken of was a daughter of the chief Keaweaheulu and Kepaamakahiki. Keaweaheulu was the child of Kamakau Nui Kelou [Kelou Kamakau] of Kaawaloa, and Kepaalani, the the chiefess of Napoopoo. “It is said that Napoopoo was a land of chiefs. The useless were alii; the lame, the blind in one eye, the worthless, there were none that were not alii, and so it is until today. And Kamakau Kelou was called the hook of Kamehameha with which he brought together the islands of Hawaii.”

Kamakau Nui Kelou of Kaawaloa, called Kamakau a Kamehameha, was the child of Kanuha Nui of Napoopoo and the chiefess Pamahoa, the one who composed this very famous genealogical chant::

“Ka Waiopua makani o Wailua,
I hulihia i ke kai awahia ka wai,
Awahia ka lau hau me ka lau i,
Pala ka-he-ka ai o Makaukiu.”

And the Kanuha Nui spoken of above is the child of Moana (w); Kanuha Nui of Napoopoo was a brother of Hakau (w) a cousin of Kanaina Nui Kalanimano Kahoowaha, and a brother of Kauwa (w); these are the royal parents that made Napoopoo famous as a land of alii. All of them are ancestors of the King and Queen and the high chiefs of the land now living.

So that the royal genealogy of Annie Kaikioewa is accurate, “See the Reports of Decisions Rendered by the Supreme Court of the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian Report, Vol. 8:630.

The very close blood relatives of this chiefess who died earlier was her brother, the chief Kauhane Kapuaakuni of Waiohinu, Kau, Hawaii, on her father’s side, and on the side of her mother, Hana Ululani of Kaawaloa, there is this brother of hers, Hon. Edward Lilikalani of this town.

Annie Kaikioewa was educated at the Boarding School of Rev. J. W. Smith at Koloa, Kauai and the school of Daniel Dole at the same location. After that she was sent all the way here to Honolulu in 1868, to the Kawaiahao Girls’ Boarding School under Rev. Hiram Bingham and his sisters, the heads of the school.

Annie Kaikioewa was married to Prince Samuel Ulumahiehie Maikai, and she gave birth to Helina Kaiwaokalani; she then married Hoa C. Ulukou, who fed from the same breast as ka Haku o Hawaii; and then she married His Excellency Captain A. C. Simerson.

The Family.

(Kuokoa, 8/13/1909, p. 4)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVI, Helu 33, Aoao 4. Augate 13, 1909.

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