Kalaupapa, almost twenty-five years later, 1891.

[found under “Letters from Our Friends.”]

J. A. Kahoonei [of the newspaper “Nupepa Elele”],

Much aloha between us and the family.

The news from the port of Kalaupapa is that the rations-bearing schooner of the Board of Health arrived; there was eight-hundred pa‘i ‘ai or more which were left at Halawa for a whole month or more and then dumped into the ocean by the luna; a lot was wasted, being thrown into the sea [a me ka moku?] because of the great spoilage—it was rotten and too sour to eat.

It has been very stormy these past days with rain and wind.

A. Kalaupapa

(Nupepa Elele, 2/28/1891, p. 4)

J. A. Kahoonei, Aloha Maikai kaua a nui...

Nupepa Elele, Buke XII, Helu 29, Aoao 4. Feberuari 28, 1891.

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