Hawaiianized missionary name list, 1848.


Hawaiians are bad at pronouncing haole words, so they call the haole by names that they can pronounce. However, these names are not familiar to the newcomers; therefore, letters often fall to the side and do not arrive because the person to whom it is addressed is not known. In this manner, sometime earlier, a letter was addressed to Rev. R. Tinker, and this is what was written on the outside. Ia Tineka Amerikahuipuia [To Tineka, United States of America]. What Postmaster in America understands these words? So too of many who deliver letters here in Hawaii; those malihini form foreign lands who don’t know the missionaries’ Hawaiian names. Therefore, this document makes clear the real names of the missionaries living in this Archipelago.

Laimana, Rev. D. B. Lyman.

Koana, Rev. Titus Coan.

Parika, Rev. J. D. Paris.

Kine, Rev. H. Kinney.

Aiwa, Rev. Mar. Ives.

Pokue, Rev. J. F. Pogue.

Tatina, Rev. Asa Thurston.

Kauka Aneru, S. L. Andrews, M. D.

Laiana, Rev. Lorenzo Lyons.

Bona, Rev. E. Bond.

Kaahele, Rev. E. Whittlesey.

Gerina, Rev. J. S. Green.

Bele, Mr. E. Bailey.

Konede, Rev. D. T. Conde.

Okana, Miss M. Ogden.

Alekanedero, Rev. W. P. Alexander.

Aneru, Rev. C. B. Andrews.

Baluwina, Rev. D. Baldwin, M. D.

Hikikoke, Rev. H. R. Hitchcock.

Duaita, Rev. S. G. Dwight.

Berauna, Miss L. Brown.

Kalaka, Rev. E. W. Clark.

Kemita, Rev. Lowell Smith.

Limaikaika, Rev. R. Armstrong.

Kamalani, Mr. Levi Chamberlain.

Kasela, Mr. S. N. Castle.

Holo, Mr. E. O. Hall.

Laukeke, Mr. E. H. Rogers.

Kaimana, Mr. H. Dimond.

Kuke, Mr. A. S. Cooke.

Rikeke Wahine, Mrs. C. L. Richards.

Dole, Rev. D. Dole.

Rike, Mr. W. H. Rice.

Kemika, Miss M. M. Smith.

Aneru, Lunakanawai Rev. L. Andrews.

Hana, Rev. T. D. Hunt.

Demana, Rev. S. Damon.

Bihopa, Rev. A. Bishop.

Emekona, Rev. J. S. Emerson.

Kulika, Rev. P. J. Gulick.

Pareka, Rev. B. W. Parker.

Kauka Kemika, J. W. Smith, M. D.

Ioane, Rev. E. Johnson.

Wilikoke, Mr. A. Wilcox.

Rowela, Rev. G. B. Rowell.

Wini Wahine, Mrs. M. P. Whitney.

[This is definitely not a complete listing. One famous person not included for example is Gerrit P. Judd, who was called Dauta Iada and Kauka Iada, but mostly just Kauka. Also once again, there are often a variety of given names for a single person. Baldwin was not only called Baluwina, but Balawina, Ogden is not only Okana, but Ogana, etc.

This hopefully will help you when searching for missionaries, especially because they are often referred to only by their Hawaiian names in the newspapers (like Laiana in the earlier post about snow on Hualalai in 1862)!

There needs to be a more comprehensive listing (not only of missionary names but of all name variants) done and put somewhere online so that it is easily accessed!!

Also found: Ioane, Edward Johnson]

(Elele Hawaii, 10/9/1848, p. 36)


Ka Elele Hawaii, Buke 4, Pepa 9, Aoao 36. Okatoba 9, 1848.

4 thoughts on “Hawaiianized missionary name list, 1848.

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  2. So very interesting that most of the names are approximations of the originals, with Hawaiian pronunciations, except “Limaikaika” for Armstrong!


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