Missionary Album, 1969.


Portraits and Biographical Sketches of the
American Protestant Missionaries
to the Hawaiian Islands

Enlarged from the Edition of 1937

Sesquicentennial Edition
Published by the
Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society


Honolulu, Hawaii

[This is a great reference if you are looking for information on Protestant missionaries to Hawaii nei. It was put out by the Mission Children’s Society. Unfortunately, it seem that the list of missionaries to Micronesia and the Marquesas was left out of the publication to make room for the index.

I am not sure if it still available for purchase at the Mission Houses, because I cannot find it online, as they seem to be doing an overhaul of their gift shop portion of their online site, which can be found here.

And don’t forget that this is a useful list when researching missionaries!]

(Missionary Album, 1969.)

Missionary Album, 1969.

Missionary Album, 1969.


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