First Graduating Class of the Kamehameha School for Girls, 1897.

And check out the image [with names!] of the graduating girls, found online from Kamehameha Schools Archives!

7 thoughts on “First Graduating Class of the Kamehameha School for Girls, 1897.

  1. How interesting that Lydia Aholo, Queen Lili’uokalani’s hanai, was a member of the first graduating class and gave a speech on the “use of music.”

    • Miss pope sent Lydia to oberlin music conservatory to study music

      The queen paid extra for Lydia to study piano as well at the seminary


  2. Aoe WongKong later known as Louise Aoe McGregor not only has a KSBE song contest award named for her she was one of the first women to register to vote in 1920. She is front and center in the photo of the newly registered voters in the Honolulu Star Bulletin August 30, 1920 story. She had been involved in the suffrage movement and when asked if she’d like to run for office stated she’d rather teach. Given all hard work that they did to get the vote, I hope all the wahine reading this are also registered.

    • This is great!
      Aoe will be in my book
      Can you give me this reference/statement? I would like to quote her. Lydia aholo, on tape talks about their deep friendship in the 1970s.


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