Queen Liliuokalani’s birthday celebrated at Washington Place, 1912.


The Queen Made Seventy-Four This Thursday.


Those Who Extended Their Congratulations Were About Eight Hundred.

About eight-hundred or more kamaaina and malihini went on Monday to the home of Queen Liliuokalani, Washington Place [Wakinekona Hale], and gave their congratulations to the former Queen of Hawaii nei, for her reaching seventy-four years in age.

Present was Prince Kalanianaole and Princess Kalanianaole and also Princess Kawananakoa, who were there to assist the Queen in welcoming the visitors on that day.

The Queen’s home was decorated in flowers as was customary on her birthdays in the past and memories were stirred up of days when the alii of Hawaii nei were viewed with majesty in the minds of all Hawaii’s people.

The band was there entertaining the visitors; and from the Queen’s side, to welcome the guests, the responsibility went to Colonel Iaukea, assisted by Mr. Dominis and his aids, E. K. Lilikalani, James Hakuole, and Hiram Kolomoku.

The Queen is still in good health, however she is becoming frail, yet with patience she welcomed all the guests who visited her to extend their congratulations, and delightedly she extended her hand before those with whom she was familiar.

Just as it is with Hawaiians, who show their deference and affection for their royalty, like Liliu; so they did on this day, and this was followed as an example by some of the malihini, who bowed deeply and with affection, showing that the Queen’s position remained the same in the minds of the people even if she is left without her rights in ruling the nation.

Following the audience, each person signed their name in the book set aside for this occasion, and then the crowd left Washington Place for Waikiki where a luau was prepared to celebrate that unforgettable day.

(Kuokoa, 9/6/1912, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVIII, Helu 36, Aoao 1. Sepatemaba 6, 1912.


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