Alii of Fatu Hiva, 1867.

[Found under: “LOCAL NEWS: OAHU”]

The Body of Kieekai.—This kaukau alii from Fatu Hiva [Fatuhiva] to Honolulu by the Honorable John Papa Ii [Ioane Ii], and he came here in search of health. It was Ii who cared for him at his own home along with some others, and Kieekai died. At the death of this kaukau alii, The Honorable One spent his own money to purchase the three caskets for the body. Being that the Hokuao is on its way to Fatu Hiva, he asked the Hawaiian Board of Missions [Papa Hawaii] to return the body to the land of his birth. It was agreed to, and when the Hokuao left, the body was taken. The Honorable One is appreciated for his fine care.

(Kuokoa, 3/30/1867, p. 2)

Ke Kupapau o Kieekai.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke VI, Helu 13, Aoao 2. Maraki 30, 1867.

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