James Pauahi Alohikea and the alalaua, 1917.


In common with a good many other Hawaiians, J. P. Alohikea, the well known harness maker and upholsterer of Lihue, went down to the shore Thursday evening to fish for ala-lau’a.

An experienced fisherman he went to that point on the rocky coast between the outer and inner lighthouse known as Pukaulua, a famous fishing hole, and was sitting there on the edge of the same when an unusually large swell rolled in and swept him off the narrow ledge of rock and into the boiling cauldron.

Thence the receeding surge carried him into the open sea. In the process he was doubtless more or less bruised and mangled so that he was unable to help himself effectively. William Hookano, who was near by, heard his call and tried to reach him with a long fishing rod, but in the fierce surge the bamboo was broken to fragments, and Hookano was warned of the futility of throwing himself into the sea to save his friend.

In the darkness and roar of the surge the unfortunate man was soon lost.

(Garden Island, 9/11/1917, p. 1)


The Garden Island, Volume 13, Number 37, Page 1. September 11, 1917.

1 thought on “James Pauahi Alohikea and the alalaua, 1917.

  1. Is there a picture of James P Alohikea. Both he & his wife adopted my grandmother & her sister, Rachel & Rose Kakina. I would love to see pictures of my father’s family. Or perhaps you can guide me on where to look for information on how to find the family of Zerubabel Kakina, my great grandfather. It would much be appreciated.


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