Opening of the legislature a hundred years ago, 1913.

The Seventh Local Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii Opens.

Top from the left to right—E. J. McCandless, D. Kupihea, J. K. Paele, J. M. Poepoe, J. S. Kalakiela, Dr. A. Irwin, H. L. Kawewehi, E. K. Kaaua, John Wilcox, P. J. Goodness, C. K. Makekau, E. da Silva, C. H. Cooke, N. Watkins, S. S. Paxson, D. K. Kaupiko, W. R. Kinalea, A. Robertson, J. W. Asch, R. P. Spalding, J. K. Lota, G. P. Cooke, H. M. Kaniho, W. J. Sheldon, Vice-Speaker J. H. Coney, Speaker H. L. Holstein, E. Waiaholo, Dr. G. D. Huddy. Not included in this picture—A. F. Tavares and N. K. Lyman.

[Kuokoa 1913 should be “Buke XLIX” but the Volume number in this issue is mislabeled as “Buke L” and later issues are mislabeled as “Buke VL” and “Buke LI”. Eventually the rest of this year is labeled “Buke LI” and the following 1914 as a result is called “Buke LII”.

Hopefully one day soon the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers will be rescanned so we can see clearer images of pictures like these from its pages!]

(Kuokoa, 2/21/1913, p. 1)

Weheia Ke Kau Ehiku o Ka Ahaolelo Kuloko o Ke Teritore o Hawaii Nei

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLIX, Helu 8, Aoao 1. Feberuari 21, 1913.

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