Ninipo Hoonipo Song, a follow up, 1999.

There was a question by MA Kaiulani Milham about a translation of an earlier post about the mele “Ninipo Hoonipo Song,” by Queen Liliuokalani. There is a very nice book of many of the Queen’s songs put out by Hui Hanai in 1999, “The Queen’s Songbook.” The lyrics are in there along with the music, a translation, and a short writeup!

4 thoughts on “Ninipo Hoonipo Song, a follow up, 1999.

  1. I’m puzzled about the dates. Your original post gives it as 1894, but the Queen’s Songbook places it at 1876. The date would make a big difference in understanding what the Queen would have been “Yearning, Longing” for when she wrote it. Does anyone have any other information or thoughts?

    • Mele are often published more than once in the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers. There might be mele originally written years earlier but suddenly appearing in a random column of the newspaper. I believe it is because they knew back then that the papers would be around for us today, so that we could “re-member” the songs. Much in the same way, the stories and histories are available to us today, because they were carefully written down in the pages of the newspapers.

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