Ninipo Hoonipo Song in Australia, 1927.


THE HAWAIIAN TROUBADOURS. The soft lapping of Pacific breakers lazily breaking on Waikiki beach, moon light, soft breezes whispering through the palm trees, Hawaian maidens crooning a soft “Aloha,” a song of love, in which all the witchery of the tropical night comes stealing across the waters, are conveyed by Kaai’s Hawaian Troubadours, who again charmed a large audience last night at the National Theatre. Particularly effective was their singing of “Imi Au Oe,”¹ “Na Ke Aloha,” and “Ninipo,” In which the Troubadours greeted the dawn; “Ukulele Lady,” “Collegiate,” “Hawaian Blues.” of every known and unknown variety; as well as other items of past and present popularity. Not to be forgotten was Tuavivi, Greig’s “Persuasion” Hula, in which she revealed all the languid grace and symmetry of the dusky beauties of the south. The ensemble of the closing revue was another outstanding item of tropical colour and harmony. The season will terminate to-morrow night.

[Earlier, i posted Liliuokalani’s “Ninipo Hoonipo Song”, and strangely enough, i ran across this reference to it being sung all the way in Australia in 1928!]

¹”Imi Au Ia Oe”

(Examiner, 4/22/1927, p. 6)


The Examiner, Volume LXXXV, Number 95, Page 6. April 22, 1927.

Ninipo Hoonipo Song, a follow up, 1999.

There was a question by MA Kaiulani Milham about a translation of an earlier post about the mele “Ninipo Hoonipo Song,” by Queen Liliuokalani. There is a very nice book of many of the Queen’s songs put out by Hui Hanai in 1999, “The Queen’s Songbook.” The lyrics are in there along with the music, a translation, and a short writeup!

A mele by Her Majesty Queen Liliuokalani, 1894.



Hiaai, hiaai i ka nani la
O a’u Lehua i Hopoe la
Ke ona ia mai la e ka Iwi la
E ka manu hulu weo Olaa

——: Hui :——

Ninipo Hoonipo i ke aloha la
Ka wahine haa le-a a lewa i ke kai
Ka niniau ala i ke one la
I ke kai nupanupa i Haena


Lou iki Panaewa i ka hala la
I ka lihi ka pilina a Moeawakea
Ke nihi ae la ka ua nihi makai la
O ka welelau noe kai io’u nei.


Ike maka i ka nani o Puna la
Na lae uluhala o Kookoolau
Ke oni ae la molale i ke kai la
Na oho lau maewa luhe i ka wai.


I Hilo no ka makani Puulena la
Lohe i ka ale a ke kai holuholu o Huia
Ua mau aku la o luna o Maukele la
I ka pakalikali a ka Malanai.

Composed by H. M. Q. L.

[The newspaper “Ka Oiaio” begins in 1889, but there are only a few issues found for that year, and for 1890, 1891, 1892, and 1893, there are none! Hopefully someone is holding on to copies of these years, because they can open up a whole new picture to that period in history!!

Talk about the Hawaiian-Language Newspapers to others. The more people talk, the more likely it will be that these lost issues might once again be found.]

(Oiaio, 8/10/1894, p. 4)


Ka Oiaio, Buke VI, Helu 32, Aoao 4. Augate 10, 1894.