Molokai correspondent, Ruby Apiki Bright, 1939.



We, the managers of the newspaper Hoku o Hawaii, are blessed through receiving some news items from the Homestead lands of Molokai, the land which the Alii Kuhio put much effort into for the Hawaiians. This is received through the correspondence of the mother, Mrs. Ruby Apiki Bright.

Lot 2, Hoolehua

Sept. 5, 1839

To my dear patient Hoku:

Here is some baggage for the deck of our pride, should it be kindly allowed some free space. On this past 26th of August, the Catholics of Kaunakakai held a silver jubilee in commemoration of the building of their church, St. Sophia, and there was a fair, and the activities that day went well. They gave the name of that well-to-do mother of the Island of Hina [Molokai] to their church, that being Mrs. Sophie Judd Cooke—the open-hearted mother who spread forth her helping hands for its furnishing and building in the year 1914.

The Calvinists held a Bazaar for their benefit, selling all sorts of things on this past 2nd of this month. Everything was lovely.


[Ruby Apiki Bright started her regular column reporting on news from Molokai on this day, September, 20, 1939, in Hoku o Hawaii. I hope some day soon, these papers will be rescanned again clearly so they are easily read!]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 9/20/1939, p. 1)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIV, Number 21, Page 1. Sepatemaba 20, 1939.

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