Kaena a ka Moi Kalakaua, 1881.

King Kalakaua’s Boast.

O’er land and sea I’ve made my way
To farthest Ind, and great Cathay;
Reached Afric’s shores, and Europe’s strand;
And met the mighty of every land.
And as I stood by each sovereign’s side,
Who ruled his realm with a royal pride,
I felt how small my sway,—and weak:—
My throne based on a mere volcanic peak,
Where millions do these Kings obey,
Some thousands only own my sway.
And yet I feel that I may boast,
Some good within my sea-bound coast,
Richer than those of my grander peers,
That I within my realm need have no fears:—
May mingle with my people without dread:
No danger fear for my unguarded head,
And boast a treasure, sent me from above
That I have indeed, my people’s love.

[See this in Hawaiian!]

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 8/27/1881, p. 1)

King Kalakaua's Boast.

The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XXVI, Number 9, Page 1. August 27, 1881.

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