Fifty years of Kamehameha School for Girls, 1944.

Jubilee Reached

On this past Sabbath, there was held a huge party in Honolulu, to commemorate the Jubilee of the establishment of the Kamehameha School for Girls.

The Girls’ school was built in 1894, and there are three of the girls from the school who graduated in 1897 still living, and they are Mrs. Kalei Lyman of here in Hilo, Miss Lydia Aholo of Molokai, and Mrs. Wong Kong McGregor of Oahu.

Mrs. Kalei Lyman left Hilo last week and flew to Honolulu to join in on this remembrance for the school.

Last Friday a celebration was held at that school and the students of the school joined in on the festivities.

[Speaking of Lydia Aholo, there is a presentation put on by the Hawaiian Historical Society on Lydia Aholo and Queen Liliuokalani happening this coming Friday Thursday at the Kanaina Building.]

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/13/1944, p. 1)

Piha Iubile

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Volume XXXIX, Number 34, Aoao 1. Dekemaba 13, 1944.

3 thoughts on “Fifty years of Kamehameha School for Girls, 1944.

  1. The Hawaiian Historical Society lecture in on Thursday the 13th at 7:30 Hope to see you all on Thursday right after the He Lei He Aloha presentation at the State Library also on the 13th at 6 pm.

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