Iolani Luahine turns one year old, 1916.

Luau Party.

On January 30, 1916, Miss Julia N. Luahine gave a party at her home on 312 Ilaniwai Street, to celebrate the first birthday of her hanai granddaughter, Harriet Iolani Makekau, which was resplendent [ohuohu Halemano i ka lau lehua] and attended by many [lei Kohala i ka nuku na kanaka].

Also present were Mr. and Mrs. Lane, friends, acquaintances, and others who attended.

I took a look and felt much aloha for the kupuna who passed on when I saw the decorated lauhala bowls [umeke lauhala i kinohinohiia], the ti leaf vessels [pa holowaa la-i], and so forth; the knowledge of the ancestors handed down to this lady will be passed on to your grandchildren.

I pray that the child who is honored this day lives on, and also the kupuna whose lei this child is, as well as the parents of the child; and that she grows up to be a proper mother. With appreciation,


[This little girl grows up to be one of the most famous of hula practitioners and teachers of our time.

Check out the picture recently posted by the Bishop Museum on their Facebook page of Iolani Luahine along with Mary Kawen Pukui and Malia Kau.]

(Kuokoa, 2/25/1916, p. 6)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LIV, Helu 8, Aoao 6. Feberuari 25, 1916.

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