Birthday of Princess Keelikolani, 1882.


It became an unforgettable day for the many who gathered at Kaakopua in Honolulu nei, on this past Thursday, February 9, 1882, those being the people who were sent an invitation, and not only people of Honolulu, but from all over the Archipelago; they totaled more than a thousand and went to express their congratulations to and beloved prayers for her highness turning sixty-three years from when she was born, for she was born on the 9th of February of the year 1818, and so she has indeed reached an old age, and she is the very last descendent of the Kamehamehas still living.

From 12 noon, there was held an audience with the alii.

Arriving there was the King attired in the military uniform of corps, the Prince’s Own; the Heir to the Crown [Liliuokalani]; Princess Likelike; Princess Pauahi; and the husbands of the royal women; the Commissioners; the Consuls; and the distinguished ones; the kamaaina of Honolulu; and those who were invited.

There were five or more long tables laden with Hawaiian and haole delicacies beneath a long, wide lanai this past Thursday, and at these tables which were spread with all sorts of things invited one to partake in the delicacies all laid out. Everyone invited ate their fill with nothing to be faulted.

The new house of the Alii Keelikolani is a beautiful wooden structure unseen before by Hawaiian eyes.¹ And this wonderfully beautiful house stands at Kaakopua. It is believed that it cost no less than $90,000 to completion.

We toured the inside of the house, and it was so very beautiful, a thing for the eyes to admire. Portraits of the Rulers of Hawaii were hung in the expansive and comfortable parlor. And the ornamentation within showed that skill of the one who constructed and painted it. If the interior is furnished with carpeting and other appointments fitting to its grandeur, then it will be glorious beyond compare. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. They are lighted by gas light [kukui mahu]; there is one area where it is turned out and lights reach every room.

¹This house was known as Keoua Hale.

[For a nice picture of Keoua Hale click on this link.]

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 2/11/1882, p. 2)


Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, Buke V, Helu 6, Aoao 2. Feberuari 11, 1882.

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