Samuela Kekuiapoiwa, 1903.

He was a True Kamehameha

The story printed in the Kuokoa pertaining to the death of Samuel Kekuiapoiwa on the 23rd of June past on the shores of Hanapepe; that he was well known for his good deeds and there was a expression of love for him in our Kilohana* on July 17; he was none other than a descendant of Kamehameha V. This is his whole name—Kapuaiwa Kamehameha V Kekuiapoiwa.

Here is the explanation: Kapuaiwa Kamehameha V was with Maheha and born was Keanolani (f); Continue reading


Birthday of Princess Keelikolani, 1882.


It became an unforgettable day for the many who gathered at Kaakopua in Honolulu nei, on this past Thursday, February 9, 1882, those being the people who were sent an invitation, and not only people of Honolulu, but from all over the Archipelago; they totaled more than a thousand and went to express their congratulations to and beloved prayers for her highness turning sixty-three years from when she was born, for she was born on the 9th of February of the year 1818, and so she has indeed reached an old age, and she is the very last descendent of the Kamehamehas still living. Continue reading