Hawaiian Language information from English-language newspapers! 1887.

“The Lightning Detective.”

Two young Hawaiians, Jas. H. Boster and J. K. N. Keola, have just published a Hawaiian translation of a story called “The Lightning Detective.” The greater part of the translation was done by Keola, and is very creditable to him. The book, which contains 118 pages, was printed at this office, and is meeting with a ready sale at $1.

[There doesn’t seem to be a translator credited on the actual book, “He Buke Moolelo no Ka Makai Kiu Uila” published in 1887 by the P. C. Advertiser.¹ Who would have thought that translators of a Hawaiian book would be mentioned in an English newspaper (even if it was a newspaper printed by the company that did the publishing). This goes to show you that it is important to look at all sources available, whatever language it may be in, to find information!

Copies of this book are available at the Hawaiian Historical Society and Mission Children Society, photocopies are available at Hamilton Library at UHM.]

¹See David Forbes’ Hawaiian National Bibliography, vol. 4.

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 5/3/1887, p. 3)

"The Lightning Detective."

Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume VI, Number 104, Page 3. May 3, 1887.

5 thoughts on “Hawaiian Language information from English-language newspapers! 1887.

  1. When the article was re-typed from the PCA, I believe Bolster was misspelled as Boster. FYI, when I joined the Honolulu Fire Department in 1972, I was stationed with a guy named Jimmy Bolster. Perhaps he was a relative of the translator.

    While I’m writing, I thought I’d make one more comment on another recent article. I don’t remember its title or the year it was published, but it was about a man who ended up working on a project at Waimea Bay here on Oahu. The passage in Hawaiian says he worked on the “uapo” (uwapo), which was translated as “pier.” I believe, however, that the article was referencing an alternate translation of “uapo,” which was the “bridge” across Waimea River.

  2. The guys who need to see this and the Lightning Detective are Eddie Croom & Kanila Tripp – of ChinaTown Cop running in Midweek – Mr. Croom was very helpful to me years ago when I was doing some of my Elks history research; he’d really appreciate the ref. I’m betting

      • Actually, I did leave a comment at their web site – I think the blog would provide plenty kine ideas ! But I couldn’t find a direct email (had to post to web) so if you know anyone who knows anyone, tell ‘em. The email address I have for Croom goes back to his HPD days & wouldn’t work now.

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