Hawaiian Language classes on Maui, 1941.



 J. P. Cockett, county treasurer of Maui, is successfully conducting a class for the study of the Hawaiian language at Wailuku, which has a total enrollment of 33.

The class is now in an advanced stage and the students are making very satisfactory progress according to Mr. Cockett.

The membership consists of the following: Frank Suzuki, Hawley Seiler, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Correa, D. A. Correa, Mary D. Ah Sam, Mr. and Mrs. G. Furukawa, Mrs. H. Stibbard, Thomas Furukawa, Violet Chong, Ululani Collins, Elaine Matsumoto, C. Lindsay, Mrs. Abbie Baldwin, Misses Ah Lum and Mum Kyau Hew, B. Evelyn Miswander, M. Jane Gray, Miss Mildred Dean, Jack Marnie, K. Kawahara, G. Shimanuki, R. R. Omori, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Chung, Sylvester Correa, Alfred C. Franco, William A. Adams, Bella R. Martin, A. W. Langa and M. L. Carmichael.

(Star of Hawaii, April 30, 1941, p. 4)


The Star of Hawaii, Volume XXXVI, Number 1, Page 4. April 30, 1941.

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