Hawaiian Language Imprints, Judd, Bell, and Murdoch, 1978.

This is a nice bibliography of Hawaiian-language material written between 1822 and 1899 compiled by Bernice Judd, Janet E. Bell, and Clare G. Murdoch in 1978. What is nice about this is that it lists where known copies at the time were located. Unfortunately, this online copy is not easily searchable like the 1869 Bibliography of the Hawaiian Islands in the last post. If you do a search, you will only be pointed to the word in the typescript, but if you want to know where it appears on the image of the original, you will only be pointed to the page where it appears. There is supposed to be another copy on Project Gutenberg, but the file seems to be corrupt. On Project Gutenberg, you would be able to do a word search against the image of the original with it highlighting the word or phrase searched for.

Hawaiian Language Imprints, 1822-1899.

Hawaiian Language Imprints, 1822-1899.


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