I hewa no ia oe la, i kou awihi maka ana mai! 1911.


Because the Hawaiian musicians who are in Denver continuously wink at the haole women who frequently dine in the hotel which hired the boys to sing regularly, and most of the women are smitten and are truly entranced by some of the boys, therefore there have been many a complaint to the police about them, to the point where the hotel was ordered to immediately stop contracting those musicians.

When the women and their companions arrive at the hotel, the musicians are always singing songs about women, and therefore some of the women are delighted at this, and the boys are constantly winking.

As they are always seen doing this, there has been numerous complaints to the police department demanding that the hotel throw out the band; the hotel agreed, but only after their contract to sing and play music there was over.

The kinds of songs were not complained about, nor how they sang; only one thing was the cause of the complaints, that being the constant winking of the boys to the women, for by doing this, there have been singers who have married girls of high-class families.

[…pii e ke kai i kumu pali!]

(Kuokoa, 2/17/1911, p. 6)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVII, Helu 7, Aoao 6. Feberuari 17, 1911.

5 thoughts on “I hewa no ia oe la, i kou awihi maka ana mai! 1911.

  1. The reference to Emmett Till is so true; he was a black teenage boy who was brutally murdered in the early 1950s for winking at a white woman. But in American culture, Hawaiians occupied a different social position than African-Americans; Hawaiians were usually thought of as quasi-haole, and relationships and marriages were not forbidden by law or social attitudes. Not that everyone would have accepted this, of course, but it’s a fascinating difference that’s worthy of more examination.

  2. in World War I the US draft board classed Hawaiians as ‘white’ – it made headlines – example Maui News Oct 4 1918 “Latest News by Wireless” “Hawaiians are Haoles to War Department”

  3. Another World War I report on how Hawaii folks were to be classed under draft rules – Pacific & Commercial Advertiser October 2, 1918 Second Section p.1 c.3 “Hawaiian is White Man, Official Ruling At Washington” “Color Line Wiped Out By Provost Marshall General Crowder in Local Application of Man Power Act, but Filipinos are Orientals”

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