Storied places of Kiholo and Luahine Wai, 1923.


Luahine Wai

It is a big pool close to Kiholo and Laemano. It is a famed bathing spot for the alii of old. Its waters are numbing, and it is said that one cannot swim its circumference because it is cold like ice water.

It is said that within this pond is a hole where you enter into a hidden cave where the bones of the old chiefs are laid. It is said that Kamehameha’s bones are there as well. As for the truth of it all, it is not certain, until some living person enters this hidden cave; then there will be a witness to verify what is in this cave.

This pond is about 5 fathoms deep at its deepest, which is at its center, where it is very cold. And if you dive to the bottom, you will soon feel your body grow cold, and you won’t be able to stay there long. You will shoot up and swim for the edge.

A person that dives down to that deep area will turn red, like the red of coral [? puko’a]

There are pebbles at the bottom of this pool and so it is pleasant, with no rocks where you’d bruise your feet.

This pond is fine and beautiful, but the one problem is that this area is deserted like a desolate land with no people, and so what a waste for that famed bathing place of the beloved alii now long gone.

The alii and the fearless warriors have all passed to the other side of that dark river of death, but the bathing pond of Luahine Wai still remains beautiful, cavorted with by the sea spray and blowing breezes.

This generation will disappear, and yet another, but Luahine Wai will remain as it has been from its beginnings.

The Pond of Kiholo

This pond is no more because of the astonishing fire of the woman of the pit of Kilauea, Madame Pele of the mountain castle of Halema’uma’u; it was covered completely over by pahoehoe in 1857, and it is still covered over to this day.

There are only a number of tiny ponds left of that famous pond of Kiholo, to remind the young generations that this is an ancient land from long ago, and the story of its destruction by lava will tell them that the pahoehoe rock spread about there is the famed pond of Kiholo, turned to pahoehoe for now and for generations to come here after.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/6/1923, p.3)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XVII, Helu 28, Aoao 3. Dekemaba 6, 1923.

1 thought on “Storied places of Kiholo and Luahine Wai, 1923.

  1. I have entered the pool at Luahinewai and it truly is very chilly, as the article says.
    The pond at Kiholo may have been greatly reduced by the lava flow, as the article also says, but by our present standards it’s quite large.

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