Woman’s Hawaiian Patriotic League members, 1893.

Hui Hawaii Aloha Aina of the Ladies.

The Officers of the Association.

Mrs. F. W. Macfarlane (Emalia Makapolena), President; Mrs. James Campbell (Kuaihelani), and Mrs. C. O. Berger, Vice Presidents; Mrs. J. P. Kahalewai (Kaluimaemae), Secretary; Mrs. W. M. Giffard, Treasurer.


The Ladies:—

Mele Poka [Mary Foster], wife of T. R. Foster

Kahalewai Kamaki ” ” Keoni Kamaki [John A. Cummins]

Kulamanu Alani ” ” Samuel Alani [Samuel Allen]

Kekaaniau Palaika ” ” F. S. Pratt

Kahalelaukoa Baraunu ” ” C. A. Brown

Honorary Vice Secretary Vitoria Ward [Victoria Ward]

Executive Committee.

The Ladies:—

Emalia Makapolena, Aima Nawahi, Kahuila Wilikoki, Lilia Aholo, Mere Gay, Kieke Kaae, Haliaka Hairama, Meleana Lemona, A. A. Haalelea, C. O. Berger, Lala Mahelona, Leihulu Keohokalole, Marie Kahai, Mine Alderlich.

Finance Committee.

Kema Meekapu, Kini Have, Fane Norrie, Lahilahi Webb, Amelia Joy, Makanoe Kaaepa, Lize Doiron [Lizzie Doiron], C. Sharatt, Malupo, and Lokalia Holo.

The reason that we printed the names of the Ladies above by their Hawaiian names is so that those who don’t know English will clearly know the Officers of this Organization of you, the weaker sex. The Leo o ka Lahui ask the Heavenly powers to be with you all. Your weaknesses will be strengthened through him, and you will be adorned with the Lei of Victory.

This is an great and admirable effort to be participated in by every Hawaiian woman, and an amazing thing to include into the history of this Aina, and amongst the famous history of the Entire World.

All Ladies with truly patriotic hearts are invited to come to the meeting this evening (Wednesday) at Ariona Hale.

Onwards O True Hawaiian Mothers and let the Independence of your Aina be restored, which you will pass down to your children, and their offspring after them. And let the beautiful Flag of Hawaii always wave.

“Long live Hawaii in God.”

(Leo o ka Lahui, 3/30/1893, p. 3)

Ka Hui Hawaii Aloha Aina a na Lede

Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 673, Aoao 3. Maraki 30, 1893.


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