David K. White, Jr., passes away, 1910.



To the editor of the Nupepa Kuokoa, The Pride of the Hawaiian Nation, Aloha oe:—Please give me some open space in your greatly cherished newspaper to insert some lines of reminiscences for my beloved lei that has gone on the road on which the whole world travels, so that his many classmates and big ohana from Hawaii of Keawe to Kauai of Manokalani will know.

My dear David was born in the coconut grove of Kaohai, Waikele, Ewa, Oahu on the 1st of March, 1889, and went to sleep the eternal sleep at 10:30 p. m. on the 4th of this July at Lahaina, Maui; therefore, he was 21 years old and some in this life.

My dear David was educated at the Kamehameha primary school when he was 8 years old, and he continued on in that same school, graduating as a well trusted student by his classmates and his teachers, and he was the president of the class of 1908.

Because of my dear David’s great desire to pursue his education, he entered into Punahou college that very year along with three of his friends from his class. In the past Sept. 1909, a severe illness befell my dearly beloved lei, called by the haole a white plague, and called by us akepau, according to the examination by the school physician.

He was released to take a break from his schooling with hopes by his teachers that he would regain his health with this respite, and so was my hope along with theirs.

We worked to find a cure for him as prescribed by the many doctors who attended to him, numbering 7: 4 haole doctors and 3 Japanese doctors. A while ago, he regained his health and we were very hopeful for his recovery.

However because of unlucky circumstances, my dear David caught another severe cold two months ago, and it was this that dragged him down into the whirlpool of ill fate, and he no more knew of this world.

He did not forget to remember his beloved teachers of Kamehameha and Punahou schools, and his many classmates and his friends at all the places he went.

Here are some of his last touching words in English which he said shortly before his breathe left him: “Love to my teachers.” “Love to my schoolmates.” “Love to my friends.”

Like a warrior fighting for his beloved flag, he fought for his life with these words: “Why should I go?” [“]I want to stay with you.[“]

At the last moment, he spoke once again, saying these words: “O Lord! Lord, save me.” and he closed his eyes and let his soul go to the hand of his beloved Lord Jesus, leaving behind his cold body to me and his loving sister and the multitudes of his ohana grieving in this world of toil for him. How mournful.

He was truly caring for his parents, he was full of kindness to his schoolmates, his friends, and family.

His plans for the future was that he hoped to become a medical doctor for his own lahui, and to also get his qualifications as a pastor after graduating from Punahou and going to America. But those plans fell through, for the plans of man and God are different. God’s plans is what is done; it is He who giveth and He who taketh away; blessed is God.

I stop with a grieving heart for my beloved D. K. who sleeps with hope in his rebirth in the Lord Jesus.

His loving father,


(Kuokoa, 7/22/1910, p. 5)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke, XLVII, Helu 29, Aoao 5. Iulai 22, 1910.

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