Hilo train, 1879.

Riding Steam Engine Train in Hilo.

Star Mill, Waiakea, Hilo, H.,
July 11, 1879, 1½ P. M.

Hon. Joseph U. Kawainui,

Aloha oe,—

Here I am now aboard the standing Locomotive, and I am writing what I see. Everything is going according to plans. The Locomotive is running with a single freight car attached, to test it out, for 840 feet in distance, and the tracks are still being laid.

Should you want to ride first on the train, come quickly. With delight,

Joseph Nawahi.

P. S. The steampower is 100 lbs, and its speed is between 18 and 20 miles per hour. J. N.

Hilo, July 11, 1879.

Hon. Jos. U. Kawainui,

Aloha kaua:—

I have nothing more to write, except this: Today, the steam train of the Waiakea Mill Co, was tested and it went well. There were some dignitaries and also regular people rode who rode the train, and it progressed to where the tracks were laid, and returned back to where it started. I heard from a haole that it went well, and it would seem that in short time it will be chugging upland to where the cane is being grown. Sincerely,

C. K. Hapai, (Kuiniki).

(Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, 7/19/1879, p. 4)

Holo Kaa Ahi ma Hilo.

Ko Hawaii Pae Aina, Buke II, Helu 29, Aoao 4. Iulai 19, 1879.

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