Kamehameha Glee Club on stage, 1912.


In K. P. Hall [Knights of Pythias Hall], tomorrow night, Saturday, the people of town will hear for themselves the singers of the Island of Keawe, known by the name “Kamehameha Glee Club,” because on that night, those singers will entertain with their deep voices, pleasing the girls of Honolulu nei so that they will not be able to sleep at night because of the beauty and sheer vigor.

Their fame of this glee club of the students of Kamehameha and Hawaiian teachers is only heard of, but during this concert of the Hawaiian Band Organization to be soon held; actually seen is the swaying of all those who listen to them; the ears tingle, making the singers of this town no match [lihi launa ole] for them.

This glee club has been travelling around Hawaii from one place to another, with much acclaim; songs that have become commonplace [paku-a] and not fun to listen to are like brand new songs when these boys sing them, and that is how they have gained fame.

Some of the songs that they will be singing that night, and which were requested by people that they sing, those are these below:

Kuu Ipo i ka La’i a Ehu, Ka Makani Kaili Aloha, He Pipi Nui Ka’u, Dear Old Honolulu, Breeze of Night, and Imi Au Ia Oe e ke Aloha.

They have other songs, but they were not told to this office, but they will be heard that night.

One of these songs has not been heard before, that is Dear Old Honolulu, a song composed by Mr. Sonny Cunha, but it will be they who first dedicate that song on that night, and Honolulu’s people will be blessed to hear the song for the very first time.

The band of Ernest Kaai will also be playing with them on that night, and it will be they that provide the dancing music after the concert is over.

If there are no obstacles, Madame Nani Luke [Nani Alapai] will be heard on that night, assisting in that concert.

The concert will begin at exactly eight o’clock that evening, and so as not to think that this is but praise from the newspaper, go and see for yourself, and your misconceptions will be no more; just hearing about it is nothing and you will regret it because they will no longer be here [“hala e aku la ka puulena aia i Hilo”].¹

The tickets are being sold by the committee at three quarters for the concert and dance, and they will be available at the door that night. Go and see the delightful night of Halalii!²

¹”Hala e aku la ka Puulena, aia i Hilo,” or “The Puulena wind has gone, it is in Hilo,” is a phrase used to describe a lost opportunity, something that was here but has now gone elsewhere.

²”Ka po le’a o Halalii,” or “Joyous night of Halalii.” is a traditional saying used to describe an enjoyable party taking place at night.

(Kuokoa, 8/2/1912, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XLVIII, Helu 31, Aoao 4. Augate 2, 1912.

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