Change name, change history, 1894 / Timeless.

The Daily Bulletin.

Pledged to neither Sect nor Party,
But Established for the Benefit of All.

TUESDAY, JAN. 16, 1894.

When, where, how and by whom has the name Palace square been changed to Union square? Surely the Provisional Government has not ratified such a childish piece of historic vandalism? Time enough for such a baby trick when Boston, Portsmouth, Annapolis and other towns in the United States change their names because they were originally called after towns and royal personages in England. Next we shall have these would-be iconoclasts changing the names of King, Queen, Kaahumanu and Kapiolani streets because they offend the esthetically-democratic ideas of the Tims and Macs who are having their brief hour of odious influence.

(Daily Bulletin, 1/16/1894, p. 2)

When, where, how and by whom...

The Daily Bulletin, Volume VII, Number 932, Page 2. January 16, 1894.

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