Select committee to decide whether to protect birds, 1876.

[Found under: “Ke Kau Ahaolelo o M. H. 1876: La Hana 88—Poakolu, Augate 16.”]

Order of the Day.

The bill to protect the oo, iiwi, mamo, and akakane birds for the king, so that they are not killed, was read for the third time. It was left to the select committee [komite wae], Kaai, Aholo, Kahanu, Nahaku, and Wana.

[This is found in the minutes of the 1876 Session of the Legislature.]

(Kuokoa, 9/2/1876, p. 1)

Na Hana o ka La.

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XV, Helu 36, Aoao 1. Sepatemaba 2, 1876.

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