Death of K. Alapai of Honolii, 1915.


This past week, death came and took away this old Kamaaina of Hilo, and his nature is well known to all the old timers of Hilo nei. He died at almost 95 years old. He was born at Pahoehoe near Paukaa, and moved and lived on the banks of the far side of Honolii; when there was no bridges on this stream, and when they first opened up the road, he took up the occupation of escorting people by Honolii Stream and escorting passengers by canoe, and after there were goats to transport people he at times helped pulling the passenger goats. When the many bridges of Honolii were built, he carried on his farming on the banks of that stream, and in his strong days, he sometimes worked in the sugar plantations while still living in the same place, and he was known by those who were familiar with him by the name “Alapai of Honolii” [Alapai o Honolii].

It was here that Alapai lived with his wife, and their marriage was blessed with many children, totaling 13; death took most of them, leaving four that are still living.

He was one of the really old Kamaaina of Hilo, and he is perhaps one who knew how Hilo changed from a place of huts in the olden days to this time where new beautiful houses cover over the holes for the house posts [makalua] of the houses of those days gone by.

With the family of the one who passed on goes our feelings of aloha. But something to remember is that this old Hawaiian man of the land lived a life that was not wasted, for he blessed his land of birth and his fine children.

(Hoku o Hawaii, 12/23/1915, p. 4)


Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke 10, Helu 29, Aoao 4. Dekemaba 23, 1915.

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