The Rev. John Kauhane passes on, 1907.


Something About the Career of Kauhane, Who Died Monday.

Rev. J. Kauhane, the veteran pastor of the native church in Kau, Hawaii, died on Monday at the Queen’s hospital, of enteritis. Kauhane was 79 years old when he died and had for forty years been pastor of the Waiohinu church. His father was a chief of high rank and his mother was the chiefess Alapai, after whom Alapai street was named.

His early education was received at…


…both the Hilo Boarding school and Lahainaluna, after which he attended the North Pacific Theological Institute. After his graduation, he was sent as a delegate to the South Sea Islands where he remained for a year. Interest centers around this fact as he was the first Hawaiian to assume this position. On his arrival here after his mission to the South Seas, he was ordained and the church at Kau given him. Soon after assuming this pastorate, he was appointed District Judge of Kau. As there was no one else fitted for this responsibility, much against his wishes, he was forced to take it up.

In 1880 he was elected to the House of Representatives under Kalakaua. He served in the Legislature up to 1890 both as a representative and a senator.

Mr. Kauhane came down from Hawaii to attend the Hawaiian Evangelical convention which has been held in this city. He was taken ill last Monday and on Thursday was removed to the hospital where he remained until his death.

He leaves five children to mourn his death: Noah Kauhane, Mrs. E. E. Robins, and Mrs. R. C. Lane of this city and Sam Kauhane, who lived with his father on Hawaii.

The body has been placed in state at Williams’ undertaking parlors where it may be seen between the hours of 8 and 10. The remains will be taken to Kau for burial. Services will be held prior to the Mauna Loa’s departure by the Rev. H. H. Parker of Kawaiahao church, who was an intimate friend of the deceased pastor.

[Does anyone know who the fifth child spoken of? The death announcement in Kuokoa, 6/7/1907, p. 1 says that there were four children.]

(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, 6/5/1907, p. 2)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XV, Number 7746, Page 2. June 5, 1907.

11 thoughts on “The Rev. John Kauhane passes on, 1907.

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I knew that my Great great grandfather Rev. J. Kauhane was one of the first ordained but had no idea he served as District Judge of Kau and a senator. Mahalo

      • Aloha Julianne: My name is Francis N. Kauhane Jr., and I, too, am a great grandchild of Rev. Kauhane. My grandfather was Noah Kauhane who past away sometime in the 1930ʻs. So not much had been handed down through my father. However, I had the good fortune of having worked with Tutu Pukui (Mary Kawena) at Queen Liliuokalani Trust for a couple years. She attended his church in Waiohinu as a little girl and shared a number of precious stories and insights. One of the more significant insights was the fact that his last name was incomplete– it is Kaʻuhanemaiokalani. Tutu said the translation is “the spirit of the chiefs”. This was the name of his father, whose mother was Alapaʻiwahine, sister of Kalaniopuʻu. Needless to say, since this was past on to me by Tutu in 1971, many other blanks have filled in.

        • Aloha no E Francis, Pehea ‘oukou ku’u ‘ohana Ka’uhane . Owau Keoni Kamuela Jenny noho ‘au ma Kona keia maika’i ua ‘ike ‘au ia ‘oe o ‘oe kukakuka me ku’u kaikuahine Julianne. Wow long time we haven’t gotten together our na makua were great and na kupuna pu. Would be so wonderful to talk story with you about our Ka’uhane inoa.Are you still here on Hawai’i island? I will check with Julianne if she has your contact info mahalo ku’u kaina me ke aloha J.J

  2. My name is Mark Aoki and Reverend James Kauhane is my great great grandfather Samuel is my great grandfather. It is awesome to hear of the great things of our legacy. I was able to go back to where my mom was raised in Ka’u and visit his burial site and fish with my cousin down on the cliffs. I have been doing research on my family geneology of stories I would hear from my mom, that’s what got me curious. Thank you for all that has been said on this page.


    • Ano’ai ku’u kaina, O wau Kamuela Jenny kou ohana no hoi aka(J.J) pehea ‘oe? read your e-mail great to see your interest in our Kupuna nui. Grandma Emma Kauhane told me some of the mo’olelo of her upbringing on Ka’u so did Anake Ruth and Anake Grace they use to gather at Anake Ruth’s hale with your mom Anake Sister. They had such great mo’olelo of Kupuna nui Kane and his dad Rev.Kauhane.

      • Howzit jj, yeah I been on a research about our ohana a couple years ago. I saw this website and saw Julianne message , then I recognised the last name Jenny and I thought ya das family. Good to hear from you and keeping the bloodline alive. I been to ka’ u once with cousin Randy cockett. So much history and Mana. We’ll take care my bruddah and a Hui hou!


    • Samuel Kauhane was my kupuna wahine father, ku’u tutu inoa Emma Kauhane who married Richard Fujimoto who is buried on the Waiohinu church yard . Again mahalo for the sharing of our family history

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