More information sought on Opukahaia and others by the pastor in Cornwall, Connecticut, 1895.

[Found under: “NU HOU HAWAII”]

Who are these people:—The pastor at Cornwall, Conn, where the missionary school was built in 1817, dearly wants to know the personal stories of these students from Hawaii. 1, Opukahaia; 2, Honolii; 3, Kanui; 4, Kaumualii; 5, Hopu; 6, Alohekaa; 7, Kupalii; 8, Haia; 9, Ilipuaa; 10, Kaleiula; 11, Kamahoula [? Kamohoula]; 12, Kapoo; 13, Kapoli; 14, Komo [? Kemo]; 15, Kapali [? Kapuhi]. Those who know, could they please send the stories pertaining to these boys, or perhaps others, to C. M. Hyde, P. O. Box 67 [pahu leta 67], Honolulu.

(Kuokoa, 5/11/1895, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXIV, Helu 19, Aoao 3. Mei 11, 1895.

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