Ka Leo Hawaii, 1972 / 2016.

A labor of love

When Larry Kimura and his students first arrived at KCCN in Honolulu with a pitch for a new Hawaiian-language radio show, the station manager had one question.

“Do you have an audience?”

It was 1972. Hawaiian was dying out. Most native speakers were kupuna — and there were not many left. It was still technically illegal to speak Hawaiian in schools. Who was going to listen to a program conducted entirely in Hawaiian?

“But he was kind enough to say, ‘All right,’” Kimura, now 69 and an associate professor of Hawaiian language and culture at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, recalled last week. Continue reading at Hawaii Tribune Herald

[Check out this awesome article from the Hawaii Tribune Herald. I wonder who the station manager of KCCN was in 1972!]

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