George Vancouver arrives once more on February 14, 1793.

[Found under: “He Moolelo Hawaii”]

Vancouver Returns

In the month of February, the 14 day, 1793, Vancouver [Vanekouwa] returned to Hawaii nei, from the northwest of America, and landed at Kawaihae.

The men pleaded for guns and powder from him. Vancouver refused and would not sell those sort things to them. There was great desire of Hawaiians for those things during those days, because it was a time of war, and Kamehameha was conquering the nation then; Oahu and Kauai remained.

And from there, Vancouver landed at Kealakekua, on the 22nd of that month and met with Kamehameha.

At that time, he gifted Kamehameha with two cattle, a bull and a cow. The cattle that Vancouver brought were from Monterey, a land in America.

These animals were greatly appreciated by Hawaiians because they were unusual, and they were called puaa pipi. It is from those pipi that the cattle which roam these days at Waimea and Maunakea and the other forests of Hawaii proliferated.

Kamehameha treated Vancouver kindly; Vancouver was facing hardship without water and took his water barrels into the uplands, and Kamehameha commanded his men to carry the barrels and to fill them with water.

The water barrels were carried by the men here and there, and will filled with delicious water, and returned to the ship, and Vancouver gifted the each of the men with some inches of iron.

Vancouver taught Kamehameha that he should end war, and live as friends with the alii of Maui, Oahu, and Kauai; Kamehameha however did not agree. Vancouver gave to Kamehameha some fine uniforms; Kamehameha gave him clothing (ahuula) of bird feathers for the king of Britain.

On the 8th of March, Vancouver left Kealakekua, and on the 12th of that month, he landed at Lahaina and met with Kahekili. He was and old man. Vancouver instructed him to put an end to war with Kamehameha, and associating as friends would be for the best; however, his teaching was worthless for Kahekili refused.

He wanted to fight with Kamehameha because of his wanton massacre of Maui’s people at the war of the damming of Iao [Kepaniwai o Iao], where his child almost died. And he wanted Maui back for himself and his son. But this desire did not come to be, when Kamehameha went to make war in the month of September of that same year, seen earlier [Kuokoa, 11/18/1893].

And on the 19th, Vancouver left Lahaina and sailed for Oahu, landing at Waikiki on the 20th; and he met with Kalanikupule, the ruler of Oahu at the time.

Vancouver asked him for the people who killed the Lieutenant [Hergest] and the astronomer [McGooch] of one of his ships [Chatham] at Waimea to the north of Wailua.

The alii commanded that those people be brought before him. And when they arrived, there were many of them.

Then, the alii ordered that they be all stoned to death. And this was done before the eyes of Vancouver; they were all killed cruelly.

Right after this, Vancouver sailed from Oahu and landed on Kauai, and from there to the northwest of America.

[This arrival of Vancouver to Hawaii nei happened 223 years ago on February 14, 1793.]

(Kuokoa, 12/2/1893, p. 1)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXII, Helu 48, Aoao 1. Dekemaba 2, 1893.


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