George Vancouver arrives once more on February 14, 1793.

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Vancouver Returns

In the month of February, the 14 day, 1793, Vancouver [Vanekouwa] returned to Hawaii nei, from the northwest of America, and landed at Kawaihae.

The men pleaded for guns and powder from him. Vancouver refused and would not sell those sort things to them. There was great desire of Hawaiians for those things during those days, because it was a time of war, and Kamehameha was conquering the nation then; Oahu and Kauai remained.

And from there, Vancouver landed at Kealakekua, on the 22nd of that month and met with Kamehameha.

At that time, he gifted Kamehameha with two cattle, a bull and a cow. The cattle that Vancouver brought were from Monterey, a land in America.

These animals were greatly appreciated by Hawaiians because they were unusual, and they were called puaa pipi. It is from those pipi that the cattle which roam these days at Waimea and Maunakea and the other forests of Hawaii proliferated.

Kamehameha treated Vancouver kindly; Vancouver was facing hardship without water and took his water barrels into the uplands, and Kamehameha commanded his men to carry the barrels and to fill them with water. Continue reading

Hawaiian-Language Newspapers for Vancouver, 1863.

Orders for newspaper subscriptions came from Vancouver from amongst the Hawaiians living there. It was sent along with the money, and when the mail ship for that area leaves again, it will be sent; the number is five more papers.

(Hoku o ka Pakipika, 2/26/1863, p. 3)

Ua hiki mai he olelo kauoha nupepa...

Ka Hoku o ka Pakipika, Buke 2, Helu 20, Aoao 3. Feberuari 26, 1863.